4th Annual


Napkin sketch, written explanation, and overall presentation seem vague for judging criteria. Can you be more specific?

Of course. Here is the breakdown of the judging criteria:

Click to view last year's winning sketch as an example of what might impress our judges.

What are the parameters or specifications of the napkin sketch?

We will only accept an original, hand-drawn sketch using one color of ink with no shading, on a napkin no larger than 6x6 inches. Take a picture of your napkin, and save the image as a quality JPG file between 1-3 MB.

* Save your napkin! If you are selected as a grant winner, we will ask you to send us your drawing so we can display it at the 2019 ASLA Conference in November.

I'm submitting a great idea. Who's going to own it once I click "submit"?

You will. Ownership of all the submitted materials and IP associated with them remains with the entrant. The only catch is that by submitting the entry, you do provide Anova Furnishings a perpetual license to use the submitted materials for promoting the company. The details are in the Official Rules. We’re doing this to accelerate individual careers in Landscape Architecture; there's a separate department for new product development. If you have more concerns about this, contact us at 2019ASLAGrant@anovafurnishings.com.

I have tons of great ideas. How many entries can I submit to the judges?

Just one. We’re only going to review one entry per participant. If you submit your entry and then come up with a better idea, submit your new idea and we will disregard any prior entry. The judges will only review your most recent entry, submitted closest to the deadline.

I have already won this grant contest. Can I enter again?

It depends how many times you've won. We are capping winners after two wins. If you have won twice, you will not be eligible to win a third time. If you've only won once, you can enter again.

Our intent is to provide the winners with a inspiring first or second time experience by funding their way to the meeting. After a winner has gone twice on our dime, we would love the individual to make it worth their time and investment to get themselves to the meeting.

Why are you awarding 13 grants?

We’re awarding 13 grants for all the same reasons we used to award 21. At Anova, we think Landscape Architecture has the potential to dramatically shift our society in a positive direction. Accelerating that impact requires bold moves and one, two or three awards doesn’t get the job done. We also are excited by the diverse nature of practicing landscape architects, but it’s hard to appreciate the diversity of a population when you pick a very narrow cross section with a couple awards. It’s our hope that by granting 13 awards annually, the inherent diversity of landscape architecture is realized.

So why did you pull back from 21 to 13 grants?

Good question. At Anova, we’re constantly learning and changing. Our devotion to Landscape Architecture has not flagged. After three years of the national conference grant program, we launched a sister grant program to support Landscape Designers taking the LARE. Through conversations with a number of LAs, and watching the reception of that program, we came to appreciate that we can do more for the profession by supporting both programs to help people become registered for their exam and to help people get CEUs and share ideas at the annual conference. We now award grants for both programs. Feel free to check out the LARE grant here: anovafurnishings.com/2019LAREgrant.

Why do you need my diploma or transcript?

We are asking for a picture of either your diploma or transcript so we can speed up the vetting process. If you are unable to provide a picture with your entry, there will be a delay in verifying your education. Many schools ask us to confirm an applicant's education through a third party, which delays our response time back to you.

Why do you care where I work?

We care about keeping the competition fair. Our judges love the people they work with, and happily admit to being intrinsically biased towards their co-workers. To level the field, if you work where any of our judges work, they won’t see your entry. It’ll be scored by the remaining two and the results will be normalized to be on level footing with all the entries getting judged by all the panelists. We will not pester you at work as a result of entering this competition.

Is this some kind of marketing trap where I’ll be subjected to Anova spam for all eternity?

We will not use any of the information submitted to this competition for marketing purposes. If you get to know us through this competition and want to get on board, you’ll need to subscribe at our main website. If you happen to start receiving Anova marketing materials on or about the same time it’s because our marketing team sussed out another brilliant Landscape Architect desperately in need of great site furnishing options.

Still have questions?

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