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Annette P. Wilkus | Stephanie Rolley | Ellen C. Stewart

Annette P. Wilkus Annette P. Wilkus
Partner, SiteWorks

Annette is a Partner of SiteWorks Landscape Architecture with over 35 years of experience in design, construction documentation and construction management. Annette is a registered landscape architect, Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects and LEED accredited professional. She holds Bachelor of Science Landscape Architecture from the University of Wisconsin-Madison; Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania, and a certificate in Construction Management from New York University.

Throughout her career she has been interested in the technical aspects of Landscape Architecture, including the increasing divergence in the building industry between the focus of design, construction and facility professionals. Annette has been an integral member of construction management teams for multiple public open spaces including Teardrop Park, all three Sections of The High Line, Hunters Point South and Governors Island.

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